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Avenews Software serves publishers with online tools and website value-enhancement solutions. When it comes to quickly and easily delivering the substance of print and the agility of the web to your site, nothing is easier and more straightforward than using our products. Our solutions will drive more readers to your site, increase the effectiveness of your ad campaigns, and reduce the headaches of site maintenance. Whether it is enhanced and socially-aware classifieds, a highly-flexible online survey tool, or proven strategies for dramatically increasing your advertising revenue, Avenews Software has the tools, expertise, and passion to help.

Awesome Customer Service is our mantra. What can we say? We are proud of our people! If there is anything that we would brag about, it is the tenacity of our customer service team when it comes to exceeding the expectations of our customers. After a short time doing business with us, if you don't know the name, direct dial number and IM address of your Avenews Software customer service representative, then we have failed in our mission.

Contact us today to discuss practical solutions for your online publishing and revenue-generation needs. Whether you are an independent weekly, an intrepid blogger, or a burgeoning media empire, we have the tools, the passion, the team, and the experience to become a valued partner.

Avenews ROI

When it comes to online tools, there is one thing and one thing only that prudent managers consider—and that is return on investment. Do the tools I use increase my revenue? Do they lower my costs? Is the ROI positive, optimal, and compelling?

Our value proposition: "YES!" to improved ROI.